About affect: acuity

To affect others opinions, influence my own and together develop the acuity of others through conversation/dialogue about international development and cross-cultural issues.

Each week , I will write at least three blog entries. This is what you can expect to see:

Monday: news story of  the week in the international development

Wednesday: Book review on a new or hot international author.

Friday/Saturday: Profile on international leader and their life story.

I also hope to write a few larger articles profiling an industry influential in developing coutnires every two weeks: global health, engineering, technology, etc. Hopefully, I will also nab a few interviews following conferences and events in DC.

This blog will be meaningless without your responses. I’m writing this blog to share my interests and continue to learn and hopefully share interesting information and insights with others similarly minded. 

This isn’t the place for  ranting pessimism or voicing of prejudices, but a place to challenge ideas all and any and create a plan of action: action through sharing information, planning an event, petition, or fundraiser, raising awareness,  or voicing support of a cause.

Cross-cultural communications is also important to me. Conversation begins through open communication whether it is within countries or across continents.  When two people with very different views can really understand each other, not just listen_ this is a precious gift. I invite my friends, former colleagues and any willing strangers to respond openly to my blog.  People interested in guest blogging are welcome to send a request!

As a journalist and an adamant debater, there are a few rules of engagement:

Back up your facts with legitimate sources of information.

Pass your entries on to other friends and family so they can read and respond to what you’ve written and expand this running dialogue on social, cultural and economic issues. 

Refrain from using language you wouldn’t use in the office otherwise you’ll be subject to my subtle edits and being a purist at heart, I’d rather let your words remain by your own choice.

Thank you.

In Peace,



One Response to “About affect: acuity”

  1. kathleen Byrne Says:

    Our children are our future. We are hearing alot about Obama’s kids I hope he thinks about ours in his first 100days

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